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Michelle is a Certified Nutritional Therapist, health presenter, food stylist and blogger. She is passionate in supporting clients to understand the regenerative power that food provides with a timeless and nourishing ancestral way of eating. She believes that going “old school”, by simplifying eating habits to that of three generations ago, allows us to strip away the inessentials, by returning to food that our bodies recognize as real nutrients. “Back to the future…. in food”, she explains is her own personal concept that allows us to nourish our bodies once more, living in today’s modern age, while staying connected to the wisdom of our ancestors.



The New York born nutritionist grew up with the ritual of cooking and now combines her love affair of food with science.  Her intensive training at the Nutritional Therapy Association and at the Natural Gourmet Institute, Michelle founded Hello Palate - a nutritional practice with a compassionate understanding of the relationship food has on one’s health. Michelle believes that the key to healthier and happier lives begins with reclaiming our tastebuds and becoming agents of change of our own bodies.

At Hello Palate, you’re not just a client but a member of a motivated community that understand that meals are not just a means of satisfying hunger. In our day, we must plan meals with a long view, knowing you are not just filling an empty stomach but building health for yourself and perhaps your family. Hello Palate debunks diet trends and clarifies a healing journey for you with a healthy side dish of laughter and encouragement.

Michelle works with individual clients and currently presents heath talks in NYC college campuses. You can also find her as an affiliate nutritionist at the Manhattan Physio Group located at City Center Stage. Michelle’s interest in nutrition developed when food became much more than trendy recipes or complex ingredients but rather a way to heal and nurture her family back to health. With hands on experience as a practitioner, presenter and a mom, she is actively engaged in the health community.

She says, “Our health and happiness, social effectiveness, even business and professional success is profoundly influenced by the state of our nutrition”.

Michelle is deeply passionate about Documenting Hope, a science and media initiative that is documenting recovery in children with autism, ADHD, allergies, asthma, autoimmune conditions and more. Learn more at and consider a donation today.

When Michelle isn’t researching client cases, shopping for vintage props, or creating makeover recipes; you can always find her cooking and dancing in her kitchen with her beloved cast iron skillets in hand.

Ready to introduce your palate to the taste of good health?

At Hello Palate we are serving up our Amuse Bouche monthly eblast, small tasty portions of the latest nutritional developments just enough to amuse your appetite without overwhelming your palate or inbox. Together, we will create a community of support based on ancestral ways of eating delicious, well-­‐prepared whole foods to delight, heal and satisfy you.


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