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Adapting with Chocolate Truffles: a bite on adaptogens

made with @crucialfour #mbreakfast

I like to guide clients towards real food snacking.  I recommend Crucial Four MBreakfast blend for a nourishing blend of adaptogens and essential nutrients. 

Is their Value in Adaptogens?

The popularity is widespread in the wellness sector.   I have clients and friends who increasingly ask questions regarding the marking claims and sometimes far out misinterpretation of this ancient practice in herbalism.  It’s a good thing at times when trends take hold, even though they can be distracting and downright dangerous if we don’t know why we are following them. It’s essential to understand adaptogens before we fill up our shopping carts.

Adaptogens are being sold as a cure-all for anxiety, remedy weight loss, improved focus, skincare needs even to replace the needs for some prescription medications.

I am not an herbalist, but I study herbs for specific food therapies.  In my research, herbs and, yes, adaptogens are pretty impressive and powerful.  Yet, this statement comes with a nutritional perspective on the importance of bio-individuality, being dose-dependent, and most importantly, the individual’s lifestyle factors.  It is always wise to check in with a health practitioner to identify any contraindications that may negatively affect your health.
Defining Adaptogens via Crucial Four MBReakfast

“While adaptogens have been in use for a long time, they were first given a scientific definition by Dr. Israel Brekhman in the 1960s. He said adaptogens were natural, plant-based substances that:”

  • Are nontoxic at normal doses for just about everyone (but one caveat can be found in common spices like nutmeg or licorice – which can be toxic)
  • Produce a response in the body that helps it handle physical, emotional, or environmental stress. This eludes to their nonspecific nature in their actions.  Adaptogens act like internal thermostats; one herb can adjust a specific imbalance, like either lowering a certain hormone or raising it. So they work on a variety of stressors, not just stress from a job.
  • Have a normalizing effect on the body, balancing out processes like the immune system, hormones, etc. Let’s debunk the myth that normalizing doesn’t necessarily give you superhuman health.  They are an important part of someone’s health, like a needed belt to hold up a pair of pants. They assist us in beneficial ways in times of periods of recovery and health challenges.
Enter Crucial Fours Mbreakfast

The truth is good intentions can lead to misinformation regarding health trends like adaptogens.  For example, turmeric isn’t an adaptogen, nor is tocotrienols.  It is beneficial to showcase Mbreakfast on Hello Palate due to its authenticity in delivering real goods and safety.  Crucial Four’s Mbreakfast includes ashwagandha, Rhodiola, and cordyceps, and these are adaptogens found in this blend, along with other beneficial nutrients that are missing from our everyday eating habits.  If you are new to adaptogens it can feel overwhelming to sort through the various herbs and how to apply them to your health goals. MBreakfast makes it easy for you to get value from one blend that can be used in many different applications and recipes.


Please enjoy the recipe below and contact Hello Palate for support in learning more about adaptogens and how to use them in your health journey safely and with the best outcomes.


made with @crucialfour #mbreakfast
makes 8 to 10 mini-sized truffles (double and freeze for on the go energy)

  • 1/4 nut butter of choice (I used tahini) @sooms
  • One teaspoon coconut oil
  • One tablespoon raw honey
  • 1/4 cup crucial four mbreakfast
  • 1/3 cup cacao powder
  • 1/4 freeze-dried raspberries and extra for coating
  • sesame seeds and extra raspberries for coating
  • pinch sea salt @crucialfour Icelandic Sea Salt


Combine wet ingredients tahini, coconut oil, honey in a bowl. In another bowl, combine dry ingredients of mbreakfast, sea salt, additional freeze-dried raspberries. Pour wet into dry, using clean hands or a spatula to form a dough-like mixture. Refrigerate for 10 minutes before rolling out your truffles and adding your choice of coatings like sesame seeds, Mrejuvenate @crucialfour, bee pollen, chopped seeds, or nuts. Are Adaptogens and Why Are People Taking Them?

Effects of Adaptogens on the Central Nervous System and the Molecular Mechanisms Associated with Their Stress—Protective Activity

Herbal Medicine in the United States: Review of Efficacy, Safety, and Regulation
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