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Concepts In Wellness

Concepts In Wellness

The rhythm of life sometimes rushes in, other times pulls away, always constant and yet forever changing, how do we find our internal dance to wellness and when are we well enough?

Published for Los Angeles Dance Project

Hello, I am Michelle Pesce, functional nutritionist and founder of Hello Palate, a private practice working together with clients to feel nourished with colorful real food that connects them to nature and their environment, so they may feel their best in mind, body and spirit. For your next segment of “In Good Health with LADP, I would like you to walk away with your definition of wellness and what it means to you. It’s certainly not a lack of information, beyond trends, protocols and even before the pandemic, we had systems in place, and we had a good sense of it, but everything has changed. How do we go from here?  After all, this commitment to health is to embody energy, vibrancy, and vitality throughout our life.


Let’s get started exploring concepts in wellness and using a wellness wheel to ground us in the present moment while visualizing tomorrow.

Concepts in Wellness

A Japanese philosopher named George Ohsawa devoted most of his life to developing 10 concepts to strive for in obtaining wellness.  In learning about his life’s work, it allowed me to vision health as a circle.  I’ve come to appreciate Mr. Oshawa’s concepts as keys to opening our holistic vision in obtaining wellness.

✨ gratitude⠀

✨ good memory ⠀

✨ precision in thought

✨ good appetite⠀

✨ good sleep⠀

✨ no pain / no fatigue

✨ love ⠀

✨ humility ⠀

✨ good humor⠀

✨ honesty⠀

Wellness Wheel Experience

In considering your definition of wellness and when you are well enough, here is an exercise I use with clients that have been helpful to them. A wellness wheel allows you to identify areas in your life that matters the most while identifying areas of focus for the near future.  This allows us to “ebb and flow” with our internal dance never in a state of static perfection.

In this exercise, plot the following in your life that matters most:




and so on around the circle. Connect the dots and color in the circle.


Now, ask yourself the following question and plot them on the wellness wheel.


On a scale of 1-10 (1=least, 7 =most) how satisfied am I?


Connect the dots and color in the second circle to visualize the following areas to focus on.

My primary area of focus for the near future is:




This will help create some much-needed stability and focus in a very chaotic and challenging time.  What you can control and what is not in your control is a transparent overlay. For example, we can control what we eat, and how we take care of our bodies alleviating the stress of what is out of our control during the current pandemic and unsettling times.

Thoughts on Wellness

Wellness is a spectrum, a continuum of the physical: what you do and don’t do

Psychological: state of mind

Perspectives: emotions and awareness

Relationships: to self, others, work, nature


In the pursuit of wellness, I leave you with the act of being present in it.  We can plan out our days and yet still feel connected to our physical, mental, and social wellbeing in our everyday lives and know we are well enough. Health is measured not just by a number on a scale, if or what other people are doing. Health is measured in the harmony of these 10 concepts and I hope you may connect and remember them throughout your life. One more note, remember to be kind to yourself every step of the way.  In doing so we can then be kind and compassionate to all.



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