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Finding Balance

Seven Practices by

Hello Palate

Taste the good health, in mind, body and spirit

Decode your Palate

The answers to your health are on the tip of your tongue.  Listen to the expert within you.

How do I feel after every meal?  Try journaling your experience with food.  Connect your food with current mood?  Did that meal drain you or sustain you? 

Adjust your food choices according to the messages (symptoms) your body is sending out.

Amuse Bouche

Delight in eating your food.  Amuse your palate with an investment of quality time to enjoy it. Choose actions that help bring your body into a more relaxed state.  Sit down at a table and chew slowly.  Proper digestion is key to a healthy lifestyle.

Taste the good health!

What we enjoy to eat must send quality information to the building blocks that form our bodies. 

Food is like a language that connects the outside world to our cells.

Healthy fats make up our cells walls, our skin converts sunlight into vitamins, and our bones need minerals to support us.

Ask yourself today: is this food worthy of my well being?


Our bodies were built to move.  How will you move today?  Discover the best approach that is best suited to you.

Mobility, stability and strength are three concepts to getting functionally fit. Breathing from your core (diaphragm) is movement!

If this seems like a foreign language then invest in a fitness coach today.  You’re worth it.

Water Water Everywhere

Water isn’t just for washing.  Drink half your body weight in oz. per day.  A simple act that is transformative to your body.

Mise en Place

Culinary term meaning prepared before starting to cook.  That translates to everything in life.  Getting your shiitakes together are badass habits.  Don’t wait until Monday to care for yourself.  It’s a practice every day.  Sleep hygiene is part of the equation and the foundation to the seven practices.

Forgiveness and Compassion

Healing is an art, it takes time, patience and love.

There is always tomorrow to reset your best intentions.  “Don’t let perfect be the enemy of the good”.

Find your peeps, your tribe, community and know you don’t have to go it alone.  You also have Hello Palate on your side.

Ready to introduce your palate to the taste of good health?

At Hello Palate we are serving up our Amuse Bouche monthly eblast, small tasty portions of the latest nutritional developments just enough to amuse your appetite without overwhelming your palate or inbox. Together, we will create a community of support based on ancestral ways of eating delicious, well-­‐prepared whole foods to delight, heal and satisfy you.

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