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Garden Ripe Tomatoes with Wild Caught Tuna

Garden Ripe Tomatoes with Wild Caught Tuna




When nature does its thing, you can taste it in a sun-ripened garden tomato.  It is the best time of year when you don’t have to do much with ingredients; they are fresh, vibrant, and bursting with flavor.  I keep it simple and let the food shine with little fuss in prepping this dish.  If you find heirloom tomatoes, add various colors, and don’t forget the herbs on top.  It is almost like a bed of greens to add a depth of flavor to your palate.  




Serves 6

6 ripe garden tomatoes (sliced into wedges)

2 jars of Wild Caught Tuna in Olive Oil (Cole’s Wild Tuna)

1 jar of Crushed Black Olives (Divina Organic Olive Bruschetta)

1 handful of assorted herbs: fresh oregano, fennel fronds, lemon thyme ( loosely chopped)

1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice

2 tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive oil

Sea Salt and Pepper to taste.


Prep Notes

In your favorite vessel, gently toss until all ingredients combine with flavor and color.  It is simple, easy, and tasty.

If you are near a fish monger and have access to fresh fish, try grilling up sea bass, flounder, or local fish to swap out the jar of tuna.


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