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Glowing Green Juice for Better Digestion

Hello Palate regards juicing as a digestive supplement and recommends juicing for occasional reasons or specific health challenges. However, I do not consider juicing a path to optimal health or weight loss or even regard it as a staple.   Now and then, I enjoy a colorful enzymatic fresh juice with loads of greens, lemon, and ginger, but above all else, I never regard it as a meal replacement. 


  • Suppose you are experiencing hyperglycemic conditions. Juicing can put you through a roller coaster of blood sugar imbalances. Juicing may contain up to 20 grams of sugar or more, about four teaspoons of sugar. In addition, juicing may spike your blood sugar since they lack healthy fat, fiber or protein to slow down the absorption of those sugars in the bloodstream. Spikes in blood sugar inevitably lead to a crash, which leaves us sluggish, exhausted, and wanting to eat more to get our energy back.
  • If you experience chronic constipation, juicing can constipate you. Fiber induces proper peristalsis, and thread moves food through your system, removing waste and toxins. Juicing separates fiber and discards it. 
  • Suppose you have candida or any gut dysbiosis. Fiber is food for your gut. When juicing you remove all the fiber.  Fermentation happens in the large intestine, and good bacteria that are helpful to us like to eat it. Bifidobacteria, for example, metabolize fiber into short-chain fatty acids, one in particular called butyrate, an energy source for colon cells; it helps prevent leaky gut, combats inflammation and cancer activity, protects the brain.

When to JUICE

  • If you’re sick and feel run down, an ideal way to stay hydrated is to choose a vegetable juice with ginger and lemon.
  • If you’re traveling and don’t have access to or time for greens, choose a green juice and pay attention to the amount of fruit added, it should be primarily greens.
  • Take a shot of 2 to 4 oz of an enzymatic-rich juice prepared with anti-inflammatory ingredients as a digestive supplement. For example, Papaya contains papain to help digest protein-rich foods or pineapple for its bromelain to support your digestion. 
  • As a replacement for non-alcoholic beverages, fresh juice with ingredients of herbs and fruits with carbonated water is a refreshing alternative to alcoholic drinks. If you feel so obliged, adding a splash of vodka with the greens is a better option than having a store-bought mix. 

Cucumber Mojito Blender Juice

2 cups water

Four lime juiced

Three fl 0z. pure aloe vera juice

1/4 cup maple syrup

Two cucumbers large, peeled and seeded, chopped

1 cup mint leaves loosely packed

1/8 sea salt


Add all of the ingredients to a high-speed blender. Blend on high for one minute or until very smooth. You can strain the juice into a pitcher with a fine-mesh sieve to remove some pulp. I recommend keeping some pulp. Serve over ice and enjoy.

It is hydrating with beneficial gut healing support of aloe vera juice, a remedy for people with histamine/mast cell issues to calm inflammation and balance estrogen.

I prefer the brand George’s Always Active Aloe Vera.


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