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It’s in the bag / a healthy outlook

As a nutritionist, I often get asked what do I like to eat and how do I feed my family. The criteria that guides me is taste, cost, organically grown, and foods with nutrient density (and our ability to absorb them). If my grocery bag acted as a playlist of favorites foods to sing about I often rotate these items into my grocery bag. Remember to your palate, to your health! We are all bio – individually unique and what is good for one isn’t necessarily good for all. You can bet on this “food for thought”:  diversity in fiber, healthy fats and protein is ideal.

Photo by Caroline White


ASPARAGUS: steamed with yummy poached eggs, shaved Parmesan

SWEET POTATO: let cool once cooked and ‘butta” them up!

BUCKWHEAT: gluten-free and anti nutrient-free (meaning it doesn’t interfere with absorption of other nutrients)

CAULIFLOWER: multivitamin food!

SARDINES: milder than tuna fish (and less mercury) delicious with lemon juice and olive oil

PASTURED raised EGGS: best investment and nutritional superstars

LENTILS: protein-rich extremely versatile and easy for most people to digest – the darker and smaller the variety is best

FERMENTED VEGGIES: probiotics and wealth of nutrients (better than any supplement)

AVOCADO: goes without saying!

GRAPEFRUIT: low in fructose and high fermentable fiber

LEEKS: roast them or eat raw with goat cheese

HOMEMADE BROTHS AND STOCKS: enjoy them alone or add them to enrich other recipes

Please add on? I’d love to hear your favorites! xo,MP



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