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Say Hello to Traveling Well

I love to travel, but packing can often weigh us down.

Even though I think I am Mrs. Maisel in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’s Amazon hit show, I don’t necessarily want to pack like her!

The world is cautiously open again, and many of us are eager to visit family and friends, favorite destinations, and worldly escapes to refresh our minds, body, and soul.  Packing can weigh us down, and it can be daunting when trying to stay mindful of your health. So If you find yourself overwhelmed in the decision process of what to pack, with a suitcase of supplements to edit down well, I got you; I am going to share my tool kit of travel essentials.

Here is a guide on how to support your energy levels, digestion, sleep, and immune health, and if you are anything like me, I have preflight tips to reduce anxiety.

To find any of these recommendations, please visit my dispensary at FULLSCRIPT with links to where to purchase.

Hydration + Energy Level

Dehydration is why many of us feel sluggish and experience sluggish bowel movements. So drink up your H20 – this water bottle has a built-in filter. During preflight and flight, I always reach for my water bottle and refill it on my journey.

I also reach for single-serve electrolyte packets (see dispensary below), or you can make your packets. If you experience swollen hands, feet, eyelids, and leg cramps while traveling, these are symptoms related to mineral imbalances. I aim to drink a packet in the morning while traveling or before a long flight. Here are two of my favorite recommendations that provide an ideal amount of potassium, a much-needed and depleted nutrient when traveling: Pickleball cocktail, Adrenal cocktail, or a favorite go-to travel helper

Digestion: Ah, the travel belly!

Eating out of routine can leave us needing some help in the digestion department. With the stresses of travel, time zone changes, and irregular eating patterns, gut regularity might get thrown off.

To avoid constipation, I like to travel with magnesium citrate. This type of magnesium works by pulling water into the intestines to hydrate dry stool to make it more mobile; that’s why it is so important to hydrate, as mentioned earlier. I also travel with digestive bitters, and taking them about 15 to 20 minutes before each meal helps to support a good time in enjoying new food while site seeing. However, suppose digestive bitters don’t’ work for you. In that case, suitable Plant-based enzymes such as those found in digest gold can assist in the breakdown, absorption, and use of food in the body, allowing us to get the most benefit from the delicious foods we enjoy while traveling to different countries and locations.  I never underestimate a good herbal tea like fennel, or peppermint for relief after a meal.

Sleep Support

Sticking to a routine sleep schedule can be difficult when away from home. However, studies have shown that low doses of melatonin may promote sleep for travelers and is good to have on hand to maintain a healthy circadian rhythm, especially if you’re traveling across time zones or significantly changing your sleep/wake times. Supplementing 3-5 mg or tart cherry juice is a familiar whole-food source.

Magnesium glycinate is another option to support your sleep. I like to pack single-serve packets of MagSOOTHE is a fast-acting and highly absorbable form to get a good night’s sleep.

Immune Support

Traveling can take a toll on our immune systems, so I like to travel and boost my vitamin C intake before, during, and after my trip.

Opt for whole-food vitamin C over taking ascorbic acid. Ascorbic acid is only an isolated, synthetic part of whole-food vitamin C. Here are a few of my favorite whole food vitamin c supplements.

I also like to travel with an immune support throat spray. Biocidin is an excellent option, and it comes in a small bottle to throw into your purse or carry on. Another option is to look for a synergistic blend throat spray that contains Bee propolis, quercetin, and the essential mineral zinc to support your immune defenses.

Anti-Anxiety Pre and Inflight relief 

Finally, for anyone who experiences flight anxiety, I recommend a supplement that contains a bioavailable source of both GABA and L-theanine to make for a less anxious in-flight experience. Gaba is a calming neurotransmitter, and L-theanine is an amino acid that lowers one’s cortisol response and boosts levels of GABA. I like to pack Designs for Health Liposomal NeuroCalm.

To find any of these recommendations, please visit my dispensary at FULLSCRIPT with links to where to purchase.

How does your travel kit look?

Each person’s supplement preferences and needs look different; this segment was for educational purposes only. I can’t stress enough to Always discuss with your healthcare provider before taking any medication or nutritional herbal or homeopathic supplement before adopting it into your daily life.

For now, happy, healthy, and safe traveling, everyone! From Mrs. Maisel 🙂

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