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Seasonal Icons: the symbolic egg


We poach them, scramble them, bake them into loving treats, and this season we celebrate their symbolic meaning of renewal.

After a tedious day at the computer it was time to stretch my legs.  I got crafty dying some eggs using food scraps from my kitchen. This holiday weekend I hope to inspire my teenage kids in finishing up the left over carton by creating a bit of kitchen science around it.  I often like to remind them to stay in the moment of their childhood and hold on to the magic of creating time together.

However, seasons change and Spring represents renewal and rebirth innately giving us a push to go forward in our lives. Transitioning to different chapters can be scary and unnerving. Someone once told me “you have to be comfortable in the unknown”. This season that brings on new adventures, I send you my good wishes to your “unknown” and may your dreams blossom into full and meaningful lives.

For natural food coloring eggs:

a moment in time

A fun project for older kids have them look for foods that can naturally dye eggs. So far we discovered….

Yellow onion skins = Yellow to dark orange

Turmeric or cumin = Bright yellow
Red beets = Pink to red
Coffee = Tan to brown
Red cabbage = Blue
Spinach = Green Purple grape juice = Lavender

Red onion skins = Pale purple to red
Chili powder = Orange
Raspberries or blackberries = Pink to purple


Bring to a boil the following in separate cooking pots.
4 tablespoons of spice to 4 cups water
4 cups chopped or mashed food (blueberries, red cabbage, etc.) to 4 cups water.
Add in two tablespoons of white vinegar and let simmer for 30 mins. Strain and allow to cool – the liquid is now your dye. Eggs will have a matte finish once colored.  For a glossy look wipe with some coconut oil to shine. Use candle wax or rubber bands before soaking to make designs.

For Table Decor:

Blow out your eggs by using a sharp needle and shake up the contents to loosen up the yolk. Run water ? and shake the egg to release it out of its shell. Try to avoid putting another hole on the other end because we want our eggs to act as a vase for our flower arrangements.  Martha Stewart the lady that started it all has a lovely tutorial if you need a visual to guide you.

“you have to be comfortable
in the unknown”.

Gather your favorite stems and use your imagination to create a table setting of magic for your dinner conversations.

in full bloom

Once again I wish you a very happy, healthy and renewed spirit of well being to you this holiday season.  xo Michelle

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